Whether you own your home or rent, ILS helps with housing law cases such as eviction, foreclosure and landlord/tenant


Our Low Income Taxpayer Clinic provides free help with tax issues such as IRS collection, audit, and appeals matters, as well as identity theft, tax credits, and more. 

    Consumer Protection

ILS helps Hoosiers protect their consumer rights, including cases of bankruptcy, loans, debt collection, repossessions, and more


We handle cases involving expulsion and access to special education services, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

    Families and Children

ILS supports the well-being of families, particularly victims of domestic violence and children at risk of abuse or neglect.


ILS helps people to protect access to healthcare services, including cases involving Medicare and Medicaid.

    Public Benefits

LS help Hoosiers obtain and preserve public benefits such as social security, food stamps, unemployment, and more.


Our Immigrationa & Language Rights Center and Migrant Farmworker Project help Indiana residents with a range of immigration and language related issues.